Rising Tribe helps budding entrepreneurs and other non-profit organizations around the globe get the technology resources and services they need to achieve their missions. Rising Tribe’s technology philanthropy programs connect nonprofits and libraries with donations and discounted offerings in the United States as well as internationally.

Since the launch of our technology philanthropy program in January 1998, we’ve served hundreds of people around the world.

For the recipient organizations, requesting resources through Rising Tribe is much simpler and faster than applying for traditional product grants. For many offerings, the only cost an organization incurs is a small administrative fee for Rising Tribe services.

Rising Tribe currently works with a wide array of corporate and nonprofit technology partners to offer a range of products and services. These donor partners help us to achieve a greater impact through large-scale donations of hardware, software, cloud-based resources, training, direct services, and more.

We are always looking to build new partnerships that can help nonprofits better serve their communities. We handle all the administrative details of our partnerships and make sure that the recipient organizations have missions that align with our donors’ philanthropic goals.

Contact the Rising Tribe Development Office

If you’d like to discuss contributing technology products to Rising Tribe, please contact our development office.

Cole Alexander
4 Preakness Place
Sewell, NJ 08080

It’s possible to participate in a single country, a defined region, or globally. There are many ways to partner with Rising Tribe, and we look forward to helping you craft an offering that meets your needs and the needs of the nonprofit community.

Benefits of Donating Through Rising Tribe

Scale Your Corporate Philanthropy

  • Gain access to a central resource that connects companies around the world to succinct information about their donated products and services.
  • Be part of an international platform for product philanthropy.
  • Gain opportunities to maintain, grow, and promote their corporation’s giving program.
  • Save budgets and staff time by outsourcing their product philanthropy programs.

Increase Your Visibility to the Nonprofit Sector

  • Our marketing team features your program or products in email newsletters or news releases such as All About the Hype (335,000 subscribers) .
  • Your company is highlighted as a donor in the Rising Tribe product catalog.
  • Your program or products are featured from time to time in Rising Tribe marketing activities.
  • You receive notification of potential relevant partnership opportunities with our community members.

Additional Benefits

  • You’ll have the opportunity to engage with key Rising Tribe staff and connections who can expand your philanthropic efforts. This could include working with other beneficial Rising Tribe initiatives, including

More Ways to Participate with Rising Tribe

Validation Services

Rising Tribe Validation Services makes it easy for corporations to connect their in-kind donations with eligible nonprofits.

Monetary Donations

If you would like to make a financial contribution to support Rising Tribe work to bring technological empowerment to civil society organizations across the world, please visit our donation page.

Pledge 1% Companies

Are you are a Pledge 1% company? We want to hear from you.